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Year Group Information

At Birchwood High School, students are organised in form groups, with a tutor who stays with them during their five years. Tutors are the first point of contact for students and parents & carers. They see the form every day at morning registration and are able to monitor progress, achievement and behaviour, and intervene to support students when necessary. Tutors get to know students as individuals and are there to support them in times of difficulty.

Whilst tutors will deal with minor issues to do with achievement and behaviour, Heads of Year will deal with more serious or prolonged concerns.

Year 7

Head of Year 7
Mr R Edwards


7ABE: Miss A Braybrooke
7ECP: Mrs E Cramp
7MCN: Ms M Cuddington
7DHW: Mr D Hildrew
7DSS: Mr D Summers
7JDY: Miss J Defay
7GOE: Mrs G Osbourne
7SWE: Miss S White
7SFY: Mrs S Feather Levey

Year 8

Head of Year 8
Mr R Noblett


8RGD: Mrs R Goddard
8SDT: Ms S Durant
8MCS: Miss M Clements
8HPN: Miss H Parkyn
8CLE: Miss C LaLonge
8VCN: Mrs V Chapman
8WON: Mr W Ockendon
8GSH: Mr G Smith

Year 9

Head of Year 9
Miss C Maud Munro


9RNN: Mr R Newman
9NDE: Miss N Dale
9GBN: Mr G Bowman
9ARE: Miss A Rolfe
9CHT: Mr C Hannant
9MGN: Mr M Grogan
9KPE: Miss K Payne
9SCD: Mr S Creed
9EJS: Mr E Jankovskis

Year 10

Head of Year 10
Mr M Loney


MAS: Ms M Adams
BMN: Mrs B McEwen-Smith
CPD: Mrs C Pressland
CSO: Mrs C Sieczko
DPN: Mrs D Parkyn
JLE: Miss J Livermore
JPR: Miss J Parker
SHL: Mr S Hill

Year 11

Head of Year 11
Mr J Clift

11ABS: Mrs A Burgess
11CCO: Mr C Cusumano
11CPZ: Miss C Perez
11JBD: Mr J Budd
11JHD: Mr J Hipwood
11KMS: Mrs K Mangin-Griffiths
11KAN: Dr K Allen
11DHR: Mr D Harper

Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form
Mr I Torrance

Careers Lead

Mrs J Crimes

Head of Year 12 and Year 13
Mrs C Hassani


12WMO: Mr W Morton
12ABT: Mr A Barratt
12IDR: Mrs I Diver
12LPT: Miss L Perrett
12JLW: Mrs J Law

13ACO: Mrs A Collyer
13MSR: Mr M Sabur
13EDH: Mrs E Dervish
13DKE: Mrs D Kee-Rose

13DCN: Miss M McDonagh