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GDPR Privacy Notice for Pupils and their Families

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If you wish to accept cookies, you may do so by clicking the button on the banner that appears when you first arrive at this website. Otherwise, by your continued use of the website, we will assume that you are accepting their use as the website relies on cookies to function as designed.

If you are logging in to use any of the features such as the Online Reporting area, then the action of logging in will tell us that you are giving your explicit consent to accept cookies from this website. These login areas will not work without the use of cookies.

A cookie is a simple text file that is stored by the website on your computer. They allow the website to recognise when you want to view certain pages or carry out certain actions. Cookies do not store personal information about you and they are deleted from your computer when you close your browser window.

The cookies set by the main website are persistent cookies. This means that they will remain on your computer for a period of thirty days from the day it is accepted, unless you delete all cookies before the end of this time.

The Cookies we set

“Cookies Accepted” cookie

When you tell us that you will accept cookies from the Birchwood High School website, we set a simple cookie that tells our website that you have accepted cookies(!). This cookie will persist for one week so that you do not have to re-accept cookies in this time.

Session Cookie

This cookie allows the website to remember certain things about your visit. It allows the website to store the fact that you have entered a valid username and password when you log in, for example. Without this, you would be unable to log in and use the Student Reporting area. The facts that the session cookie allows the website to store do not include any personal information from your computer and they are deleted when you close the browser window.

Third-Party Cookies

Google Maps: Our Contact page includes the use of Google Maps, which may set a third-party cookie from Google when viewed.

Google Analytics: In order to monitor the way that the website is working, we may set cookies from Google Analytics. These do not store any personal data about you, but they allow us to view anonymous data about the way that people use the Birchwood High School website in order to improve the service we provide.

Social Media: When viewing any embedded social media on this website, such as Twitter feeds, the social media website may set their own cookies.

Privacy - Public Website

Any information you provide while using this website is governed by our Data Protection Policy.

External Websites

We link to a number of external websites. These websites will have their own policies on privacy and use of cookies.

Any websites we use for school purposes, such as home learning, are also governed by our Data Protection Policy.