Birchwood's Primary Transition Strategy

In my role as an Assistant Principal, I will ensure that everything is done to provide students with the very best start to life at Birchwood. I believe the key to an effective transition is putting students minds at rest and helping to allay their common fears of getting lost, being bullied, and getting too much home learning!

I want the children to experience the excitement they are entitled to, with regards to making new friends, taking new subjects, and exploring all the wonderful opportunities that we have to offer. I wish for those joining us each September to take their next steps in education with confidence and feeling reassured. I understand how important it is for our staff to build positive relationships with the students and this begins on that very first induction day. The journey is a different one for every student and we will always do our very best to cater every individual need.

Rob Herbert
Assistant Principal

Rob Herbert - Assistant Principal

The Transition Timeline

June Primary school visits In the second half of the summer term, Mr Herbert, our SENCo Mrs Jackson and the next Head of Year 7, Mr Noblett, visit every primary school to learn about each student and their journey in education so far. This process of gathering information is tremendously valuable.
July Induction Day 1

Information Evening and Faculty Fair

This takes place on Thursday 14 July once the visits have been completed. Students will be provided with their first taste of life at Birchwood, with a day of lessons and activities. In the evening, parents and carers are invited to the school to meet their child’s new form tutor, as well as attend what we call a ‘Faculty Fair’. At the Fair, there are information stalls where you can meet representatives from each Faculty. Parents will have the opportunity to purchase and order school uniform.
August Summer School 22 – 24 August inclusive.
September Induction Day 2 Monday 5 September – is the first day of school for Year 7 and Year 12 only. A chance to settle in and get to know your timetable.

Summer School 2022

This year Birchwood High will hold a summer school for the incoming Year 7 students from Monday 22 – Wednesday 24 August 2022.

Evidence has shown that this is an invaluable introduction to life at Birchwood High School with pupils immediately being able to settle into the new school environment having already formed friendship groups ahead of the start of term.

Summer School 2021 Montage

Summer School 2022 Schedule and Trips

This information will follow soon when the schedule has been confirmed.

The picture to the left shows some of the activities from the 2021 Summer School.

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Transition 2021

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