About the International Ambassador Programme (IAP)

Birchwood High School is proud of its history of International education. In 2007 Birchwood received the British Council's prestigious International School Award, in recognition of the school's curriculum links with countries in North America, Africa, and Europe. Over the past ten years we have committed to supporting schools and students in South Africa, Cologne, Kenya, Norway, Uganda and Canada. Our school community is increasingly diverse with 5% of our students coming from homes where English is not the first language. Furthermore, we are situated 3 miles to the west of an international airport, bringing the world to our doorstep.

Since that time many students and staff have benefited from various diverse programmes that have been sponsored and supported by a variety of organisations. We now as a school would like to consolidate our International links through a programme aimed at connecting Birchwood High School Students and Staff with our partners specifically in the developing nations of South Africa, Uganda and India.

We recognise that all over the world, people want greater educational opportunities to enhance their lives and employment prospects. We live in a globalised society so it is only right that we should focus part of our education on bringing an international dimension to education at Birchwood, through this we hope to raise educational standards by sharing the UK's expertise, and by allowing our community to gain a greater understanding of our own and other cultures.

Through our connections we aim to enable students and staff from the partner schools to communicate, travel, meet and enrich each other's lives through cultural awareness and understanding.