TourAid - Birchwood hosting Kalinga Institute students

In conjunction with TourAid, Birchwood High School was a host school for a group of children from India to participate in a major Festival that took place to coincide with the Rugby World Cup 2015.

UK Charity TourAid started in 2006 and has now facilitated over 70 groups of disadvantaged boys and girls to come to the UK from 34 different nations.

The psychological impact of the tour changes attitudes, perceptions, aspirations, confidence and self-esteem and the children return determined to make their lives and those around them better.  They become the coaches, mentors and role models in their communities. The impact though is also seen in the host communities with families and schools developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the challenges the vast majority of children face in their lives and supporting their guests.

Birchwood High School hosted 10 boys (aged 12/13), staying with host families. We put together a fantastic timetable for them which will also involved them participating in a rugby festival with some Birchwood boys at Henley Hawks RFC/Esher RFC.

The boys are from the Kalinga Institute in India. For further details about the initiative please visit TourAid Festival of Rugby.