Students celebrating their GCSE exam results

GCSE Results - 12 August 2021

After a tricky last 18 months, 230 GCSE Students collected their well-deserved results this morning.  With large numbers hoping to stay on into the Sixth Form, the pressure was on to secure the levels needed. Record numbers of students – such as these pictured – achieved top grades across the board but it is important to recognise today that every 16 year-old deserves recognition for what they have achieved.

Dr Ingate, Principal said  “if you had told me two years ago that these students  would have to cope with the pressures of a global pandemic, lockdowns and remote learning I would have not believed you.  However, here we are today celebrating a fantastic set of results meaning that every 16-year old should be able to successfully move on to their chosen next step, whether this is Sixth Form or FE College.   It is often said that adversity brings out the best in people and I have certainly witnessed this.  From a total commitment from their teachers to do their very best to ensure their classes performed well - through to absolute resilience and determination from these students to do their best.  They have been remarkable – putting up with uncertainty, government u-turns and the ebb and flow of a pernicious virus – always with a willingness to do the extraordinary – something that will put them in good stead with whatever life has to offer in the future.”     

“They should all feel a great sense of satisfaction today because that hard work has paid off.  Their GCSE Levels were carefully calculated from internal exams and controlled assignments as well as teacher assessments.  It was no surprise that our submissions and samples sent off to the exam boards for scrutiny checks were not changed or amended.”

Mr Stopps, Deputy Principal added “every member of Birchwood’s Class of 2021 should be very proud of their achievements as one chapter of their life closes and another one opens.  As well as congratulating the students we would also like to thank all of our parents and carers who have offered plenty of their own grit, determination and resilience in supporting their children to make the most of their education in what have been uniquely trying circumstances.  It has been a real team effort and both the Year 11 students and their teachers owe our parents and carers a debt of gratitude.  In overcoming adversity in the way they have I have no doubt that the Class of 2021 will go on to be decent, thoughtful and successful adults in their future adventures.  We wish them well.”

The final words go to Mr Phillips, their Head of Year, who added “I am so very proud of our year 11 students. They have come up against tremendous challenges and not been found wanting. Their resilience, perseverance and character are a credit to themselves, their parents and to Birchwood.”

A-Level Students collected their well-deserved results this morning

A-Level Results 2021

After a difficult last 18-months, 120 A-Level Students collected their well-deserved results this morning. With record numbers moving on to university, the pressure was on to secure the grades needed. It was, therefore, extremely uplifting to see every student moving on to their chosen degree course including securing places at Oxford University, Cambridge University and Medical School.

Dr Ingate, Principal said “This group of students have been through so much disruption due to the pandemic and yet they have shown great resilience and tenacity to achieve results that will make them and their families proud. Even during lockdown and the period of remote learning, they all attended their virtual lessons and completed work on time. The ‘A-Team’ photo below shows some of our many students who achieved A grades across the board, but this should not detract from everyone feeling delighted with what they have achieved.”

“They should all feel a great sense of satisfaction today because that hard work has paid off. Their grades were carefully calculated from internal exams and controlled assignments as well as teacher assessments and I was very impressed with the rigour and professionalism of their teachers. It was no surprise that our submissions and samples sent off to the exam boards for scrutiny checks were not changed or amended. I really hope that their next steps will not be disrupted and that their degree courses, higher apprenticeships or jobs work out well - they must keep in touch!”

Mr Torrance, Head of Sixth Form added “I am really pleased for all the students - some amazing results that are thoroughly well-deserved. They have had so many disruptions during their journey in Sixth Form, and during the whole process they have all shown adaptability. This is probably the best word that describes this year group. They adapted to circuit breaks, isolations as well as further lockdowns, which were incredibly stressful! And they adapted to all the changes around examinations and assessments with such maturity for which they should all be commended!”

“Without question, through all these adaptations they will have built a real sense of resilience that will serve them well in the future. During all these moments, they have cared for each other and built some brilliant friendships that will last for many years to come. I would also like to mention the amazing staff that have worked so hard during their studies, to ensure that their journey was as smooth as possible.”

In the words of the U.S. rapper Jay-Z, ‘the genius thing we did was, we did not give up.’

Today, we should ‘give it up’ for these 120 amazing young geniuses.

GCSE Students For Press Release

GCSE Results 2019

This morning, 237 GCSE students and their respective families celebrated an important milestone with record numbers staying on into the Sixth Form to study A-Level .

Principal, Dr Chris Ingate said: 

"There were some excellent individual performances with students achieving level 8 and 9 across the board – interestingly more boys than girls, bucking the national trend (see photo above) - but equally there were students achieving personal bests and exceeding their GCSE targets.  These results mirror the findings from Ofsted in June, where inspectors found that ‘pupils currently in the school are making strong progress in a wide range of curriculum areas. From their different starting points, pupils make good progress.’"

Dr Ingate added:

"I am incredibly proud of Birchwood’s inclusive, all-ability ethos and to see every Year 11 student successfully move on to Post-16 with record numbers ‘staying on’ is very rewarding. I was also particularly pleased to see the gap in attainment between students from more deprived backgrounds and their non-disadvantaged peers close."

A-Level Results 2019

Birchwood High School saw over 100 Sixth Form students achieve a strong set of A-Level and Level 3 BTEC qualifications, reflecting the findings from the school’s recent Ofsted Inspection (June 2019) where inspectors found that ‘students currently in Years 12 and 13 are making strong progress in a wide range of A-Level courses.’

Principal, Dr Chris Ingate, said “after 13 years of full-time education, it is fantastic to see all our 18 year-old students move on to the next stage in their lives including prestigious Universities such as Cambridge, Durham and Warwick.  These results further build on the strong comments made by Ofsted in terms of us getting the balance right between academic progress, personal development and enrichment opportunities.’

There were many more students whose grades exceeded expectations. Head of Sixth Form, Mr Ian Torrance added "this cohort of students is a true reflection of Birchwood with regards to their dynamics and makeup. Some really pleasing results for what has been an incredible journey for so many, all the hard work has paid off and we wish them every success in their next steps. They, and their families, should feel very proud”