LGBT+ History month

February is LGBT+ History month in the UK - an annual month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements. In 2005,
educators and activists Sue Sanders and Paul Patrick organised LGBT+ History Month as part of a Schools Out UK project, a programme that aims to educate young people about the issues members of the LGBT+ community face and to make schools feel inclusive for everyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. The event was first held in February to coincide with the abolition of
Section 28, a hugely controversial piece of Conservative government legislation which banned local
authorities and schools from “promoting” homosexuality. After widespread opposition and condemnation, Section 28 was abolished in 2003. Alas, due to the ongoing pandemic, we will not be able to celebrate the month in the usual way at school. However, we will hopefully be able to run various events later in the year to ensure that acceptance without exception remains a central part of our school community. Please also check out Fusion groups Twitter page - @fusion_bwood - to read up on profiles of famous LGBT+ figures - past and present -  as well as information, talks and resources on all things LGBT+.

PE Challenges

Each week, the PE department has been setting three different forms of exercises. They have been setting the challenges every Monday, Wednesday and Friday via Year Group Teams channel. So far various challenges have included Yoga, Alphabet Challenge, Heads or Tails, Boxing and much more.
Exercise is not only good for your heart and body, it really helps your mind as well!
So remember keeping active is good for your and good for your learning!


Virtual Valentine’s Balloon Race

Join our Virtual Valentine's Balloon Race and win £75! Surprise your Valentine with a heart shaped balloon and take part in our race. As we are unable to arrange fundraising events at the moment, the PSFA have arranged a Virtual Valentine's Balloon Race. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a virtual balloon race works in the same way as a helium balloon race but the balloons fly around their own virtual world rather than in the atmosphere, making it much more environmentally friendly. Each balloon costs £3 and the winner will receive £75!
Please go to where you can choose your heart shaped balloon, perhaps for your Valentine and even add your own personal message on the tag. On Sunday 14 February, at
midday, the balloons will be released to float around their virtual world using a specially designed algorithm, which ensures a random pattern, with no clear leader emerging. Every hour each balloon travels between 1km and 20km. You can follow your balloon throughout the race and see where you are on the race leaderboard. At the end of the race at midday on Friday 19 February the balloon which has travelled the furthest wins a £75 cash prize. You can buy as many balloons as you like, for friends as well as family. Please share this as entry is open to everyone.

Christmas Wreath Making

The PSFA are disappointed they unable to run their Christmas wreath making workshops because of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. However, Wendy Gordon
of Well Bean Gardening has come up with the brilliant idea of wreath making kits with step-by-step instructions. She is also selling beautiful ready-made wreaths and has generously offered to make a donation to the PSFA for every kit or wreath sold, if Birchwood High School is mentioned at the point of ordering.

Hadham wins House Cup for 2019-2020

We celebrated Hadham (Red) winning the House cup with our annual Balloon Pop.

Last year we raised £5,643.03 for the following charities:
International charity – Sparkle Malawi
National – The Firefighters Charity
Local - Essex and Herts Air Ambulance
We have decided to raise funds for the same charities again this year, as our fund raising efforts were cut short due to lockdown.

Birchwood at Dusk

Virtual Open Evening 2020

We welcome you to view our virtual Open Evening which goes live on Thursday 1 October at 4:00pm and will remain live until the deadline for school applications on Saturday 31 October.

The link will be added to the home page of the website and the main menu (under "Home") once the virtual Open Evening goes live.

MFL Bitmoji Classroom

Our MFL Bitmoji Classroom!

Welcome to our Year 6 Transition virtual classroom! Click on our faces, posters, items in the bookshelf etc & discover the world of MFL at Birchwood High School.

Click here to explore the MFL Bitmoji Classroom!

Art Exhibition

What you need to do:
1. Photograph your work in good lighting
2. Title your work
3. Send the photograph of your work with:
The Title,
Artist name,
Media/technique used to create it.
Remember any creative media can be
exhibited i.e. textiles, printing, photography, painting,
drawing or sculpture.

Send it to:

Closing date for entries is Monday 6 July 2020
Condition of entry you must be happy for your
name to be displayed on the school website.
If you are a student under the age of 18.
We also need your parental consent.

VE Celebrations

Students and Staff celebrated the 75th Anniversary of VE day at home. Students made bunting, cakes and ginger beer. Matthew in Year 8 learnt to play the "Last Post" which he performed at his home at 3.00pm for all his neighbours.

Scrubs for the NHS

In between teaching Mrs Jacobson and Mrs Feather Levey have been making scrubs for the local NHS frontline staff. They have made over 20 so far!