Following comments from the exhibition, Birchwood High School, together with our consultants will evaluate the responses and decide whether any changes need to, or can be made, to the current proposals before the planning applications are finalised.

The comments may be submitted by the 6th September 2021.

Jogging Path

Please complete the questionnaire which is available on the link below. Your comments would also be summarised as part of any reports prepared by officers of Hertfordshire County Council before they make their decisions.

Alternatively, if you wish to write your views, you should address your comments to:

Birchwood High School application proposal
Parsonage Lane
Bishop’s Stortford
CM23 5BD

The County Planning Authority will be consulting with neighbours more formally once the planning application has been submitted and this will create a second opportunity to comment on the proposals. It may be that the proposals you have viewed at the exhibition today may change as a result of further consultation once the application has been submitted.

The initial consultation is now closed. Our thanks to all those who sent in their views either by letter or by completing the questionnaire.