Welcome to the Exams Office area. Within this area of the school website we aim to provide students and parents with information which we hope will be both useful and informative.

We will provide general information about results, details for the collection of exam results and application forms for Access to Scripts (ATS) and Enquiries after Results (EaR).

Post Result Enquiry Forms will be available from the Exams Officer on results days and when school returns in September.

Results - General Information

  • Results for the November Series of exams will be issued via Form Tutor trays.
  • Results for the January Series of exams will be issued via Form Tutor trays.
  • Results for On Demand BTEC tests will be issued via the Subject Teacher.
  • Results for the Summer Series of exams may be collected from the school by candidates.

If a candidate is unable to collect results in person (in the Summer series) the results will be posted on results day by First Class post to the home address.  If you wish these to be posted to an alternative address please provide the exams office with a stamped addressed envelope before the end of the summer term.  The results may be collected by a third party but that person, even parents, must have a letter of authorisation from the Candidate.  The person collecting the results must have their own ID, even if they are known to the school.

Results will not be given out over the phone and will not be emailed to the candidate.

GCE results are A B C D E

A Level candidates can score an A* by achieving an A grade at A level AND if they score at least 90% of the maximum UMS on the aggregate of the A2 units.

U denotes Ungraded.

GCSE results are A* A B C D E F G

U denotes Ungraded

BTEC results are graded: D* (Distinction*) D (Distinction) M (Merit) P (Pass)

Marks gained for GCE/GCSE qualifications will be recorded as a UMS (Uniform Mark Scale) score.  The maximum uniform mark for each paper depends on the weighting of the unit in the scheme of assessment.  If you have any questions on the day please see a senior member of staff, your subject teacher or Mrs Bothwell, Exams Officer.