Who We Are

We are Miss Peet and Mr Ruggins and we run the House System at the school. We really enjoy working with the House Leaders, organising events, clubs and competitions for both students and staff to take part in and am always looking for new ideas!

We also manage the funds raised via the charity events that we organise as a school, all of the money raised is donated to one of our chosen charities; Great Ormond Street, Cardiac Risk in the Young or our International Links project. Last year we raised over £6000!

The House Leaders

Here are some comments from our current House Leaders about their roles:

“I have developed confidence in speaking in front of large audiences, my leadership, time management and organisational skills though would still like to learn to speak louder in assemblies!”
Nagham El-Sandabesee, Blue House Leader
“So far this year I have set up and ran a Drama club, helped with the charity day, organised and ran House Cluedo with another House Leader, carried out Badge checks and spoke in the House assemblies.”
Amelia Moss, Red House Leader

Some of the responsibilities of the House Leaders include:

  • Leading their House and being responsible for setting expectations
  • Being a positive role model for students and encouraging healthy competition between the Houses whilst promoting collective achievement
  • Attending weekly meetings
  • Carrying out House Tutor group visits
  • Planning and running House Charity Events
  • Leading and supporting House clubs, competitions and events

The Sports Leaders

“I have enjoyed getting to know Year 7 and 8s during the lunch time clubs; they are a polite group of students who always help to set up and pack away.  I have also enjoyed participating in the staff versus Sixth-Form netball match.”Ellie Brett, Green Sport Leader
“I have enjoyed being able to look after younger years, and understanding how to encourage them to behave under my supervision, participating in all of the charity events and working together as a team to ensure that all of our events are ready and well organised.”Matthew Rontree-Carey, Red Sports Leader

Some of the key responsibilities of the Sports Leaders include:

  • Planning and leading lunch time House Sports Clubs for the lower school
  • Organising Sports related competitions
  • Organising Staff versus Sixth-Form Sports competitions