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School Council

At Birchwood, we are very proud of our School Council. There are 95 democratically elected Council Members split between the Year Council and the School Council.

"My favourite thing about School Council is the opportunities that it gives the student body to help out with the school life"

Aimee Suttle

Year Council:

  • Each Tutor Group elects two students to represent them at Year Council.

  • Year Council meets every half term to discuss issues and ideas that are
    important to them.

  • The Sixth Form Leadership Team, along with the Heads of Year, oversee Year Council.

  • Each Year Council then elects two students from that year group to represent them at School Council. 

‘The School Council really helped me grow confidence and put myself out there to enhance my own self. It really helps the school community to provide a better environment for everyone’

Eve Bailey

School Council: 

  • School Council therefore consists of 12 members (two per year group, including the Sixth Form). It has representatives from Fusion, Mosaic and Ocean (Equalities Groups), and our Environment Group. 

  • School Council is chaired by the Principal Student.   

  • School Council and Year Council members are also some of our key
    ambassadors and are involved in Open Evenings, Events and appointing key members of staff.

“School Council and student leadership are vital components in our school organisation. They make a difference and see things from an important perspective. There were a number of significant changes we made as a result of the work undertaken by our elected student leaders. It is a privilege to work with them.”

Mr Griffin, Principal