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"Cookies Accepted" Cookie
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Third-Party Cookies
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Accepting Cookies

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Privacy - Public Website

Information you provide
The main school website allows you to send information to us. These facilities include the Contact Us form and Alumni form that are available to all visitors.
Contact Us form
The information you provide in the Contact Us form is collected via a secure link and then sent via e-mail to the Administration staff, who then forward on the e-mail to the most appropriate member of staff. This information is not stored once the e-mail has been dealt with.
Alumni System
The Alumni System is a way for our former students to let us know how they have progressed since leaving Birchwood High School. The provision of all information is voluntary, and we reserve the right to use this information to develop a summary of the destinations of our students. The information is stored on our secure server until it is used.

External Websites

We link to a number of external websites. These websites will have their own policies on Privacy and use of Cookies.

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