Social Media

Twitter: @BirchwoodStort

We are now using Twitter to give general school notifications and emergency notices as a secondary source to the notices we post on the home page of the website.

Any emergency notification we send via Twitter will be supported by additional information on the home page of our website.

There are now a selection of subject-related Twitter accounts. Please follow the link to our official Twitter account @BirchwoodStort and click on the “Following” link. It is not advisable to do a general search for Birchwood High School on Twitter as there is at least one other Birchwood and we cannot be held responsible for the content on those Twitter accounts.


Birchwood High School is not responsible for the content of any Twitter accounts that might be used by people following our @BirchwoodStort Twitter account.

You do not need to follow us - you can simply bookmark this page or our Twitter feed in your web browser. If you do decide to follow us, please remember that your Twitter account will be viewable by anyone who chooses to see who is following @BirchwoodStort.

Hash Tags

We will be using specific hash tags to allow you to search for key information in our Twitter timeline:

Notification of new Interim reports being published online
Notification of any emergency school closures
When the school is closed due to snow making the school grounds unsafe. Please note that work will be set using the new Resources section in the Students and Reporting Area of the school website.
Information on any performances taking place at Birchwood High School