What we do

Recent initiatives which have made a difference from our School Council include:

  • Amendments to our Home Learning Policy in response to student feedback
  • Amendments to our in-house On Call system
  • Feedback and contributions to our Creativity teaching and learning agenda
  • Feedback and improvements to site safety
  • Involvement in recruitment process for senior members of staff
  • Presentations and delivering workshops to overseas visiting teachers

What our students have said about their work on the School Council:

“The School Council has helped me to increase in confidence. It feels good to be able to have a say and that someone is listening to you.”
(Yr9 student)
“I joined the School Council as I was frustrated when certain things weren't as I expected them to be. Being on the Council has helped me to understand how the school works and has given me a greater understanding of the decisions that are made.”
(Yr11 student)
“I think the School Council has helped me in preparing for jobs and interviews; because I am forced to think about what I say and the way in which I say it, I am better prepared when it comes to communicating my ideas and opinions to others.”
(Yr10 student)
“Being one of the youngest members of the School Council, I thought it would be difficult to share my ideas with people who were older than me. It isn't like that at all though; the team are very helpful and it's good to talk to some of the older students about what might be coming up in the years ahead.”
(Yr7 student)
“As part of the School Council, I have had loads of opportunities that I wouldn't have done otherwise; I have spoken to overseas teachers, presented to staff and been involved in some really big decisions about the school. It's made me feel like a much bigger part of Birchwood.”
(Yr8 student)