Who we are

The School Council

As well as the House System Leaders, Birchwood operates a vibrant School Council Team who are committed to raising standards across the school. Representatives taken from across the school – from the youngest to the oldest – meet regularly to discuss Teaching and Learning, Behaviour and Attendance and all aspects of the wider school community. Working alongside the Senior Leadership Team, they are instrumental in developing and communicating change. They regularly attend Senior Leadership Team and Governors' meetings to ensure that student voice is at the forefront of new initiatives and developments.

The Sixth-Form Leadership Team

At Birchwood, we recognise that Sixth Form students often have issues that are pertinent only to them. To this end, the Sixth Form Leadership Team highlight and address everyday issues that concern our upper school students. Currently, their feedback on personal development, UCAS preparation and financial understanding is shaping our wider curriculum in the Sixth Form. Although we recognise the unique nature of Sixth Form study, we are keen for Sixth Form students to work alongside the main student body. They are active members of the School Council and join with younger students through meetings, training and extra-curricular activities. Some of our Sixth Form Leadership Team are also members of the town Youth Council where they have an opportunity to shape town planning and strategy.

BLISS – Better Learning in School Society

The BLISS team are a group of conscientious students who are committed to raising standards of teaching and learning across the school. Students are interviewed carefully and chosen as a result of their understanding of what good learning looks like and interpersonal skills. After extensive training, students are invited to observe teachers and feedback on the quality of teaching and learning. The BLISS team are an integral part of our monitoring and development of teaching and learning.

SNAG  - School Nutrition Action Group

The SNAG team work alongside our Catering Manager to ensure that the food on offer in the Café is both nutritious and inviting. Students are invited to discuss the meals on offer as well as being responsible for communicating key messages to the wider student body. Our Café is very popular at all times in the school day; we believe this is because our catering staff respond quickly to the needs and feedback of the students.