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Within this area of the school website we aim to provide students and parents with information which we hope will be both useful and informative.

We will provide general information about JCQ guidance, entries, exam dates, results dates, details for the collection of exam results and guidance for post result queries.

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Examination Results

General Information

Results for the Autumn Exam Series 2021 will be available on the following dates

GCSE resits Maths and English – Thursday 13 January 2022
GCSE resits all other subjects – Thursday 24 February 2022

BTEC Exams January 2022

BTEC Nationals – Wednesday 23 March 2022
BTEC Technical Awards – these will be issued to students when we return from the Easter break – Tuesday 19 April

Results for the Summer Exam Series 2022 will be available on

GCE and Level 3 BTEC – Thursday 18 August 2022
GCSE and Level 2 BTEC – Thursday 25 August 2022

Further guidance regarding the summer results day will be issued in July 2022

Summer 2021 Examination Results

Results days for summer 2021:

10 August 2021 – GCE and BTEC Level 3

  • 8:30 am – results can be collected from the BDC.  Staff will be available if further advice and guidance is needed.

12 August 2021 – GCSE, BTEC Level 2 and Entry Level

  • 8:30 am – Year 11 X side – results can be collected from the BDC
  • 9:00 am – Year 11 Y side – results can be collected from the BDC
  • 9:30 am – Year 10 GCSE Statistics results can be collected from the BDC

Any results that are not collected by 11:00 am will be posted, by first class post, to the home address we have on our database, unless you have given us an alternative address.

Results will be given to the student only.  If another person is to collect the results, the student must provide them with a signed letter giving permission and naming the person that will be collecting. The nominated person that is collecting must present their own ID on the day.

Unfortunately, results cannot be sent by email and will not be given verbally over the phone.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding results days please email Mrs Bothwell, Exams Officer lbothwell@birchwoodhigh.org.uk


GCE A Level results are A* A B C D E (U denotes Ungraded)

GCSE results are 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 (9 is the highest grade, U denotes Ungraded)

BTEC results are D* (Distinction*) D (Distinction) M (Merit) P (Pass)

Summer 2021 Appeals

For summer 2021 your results grades have been determined based on a range of evidence that has been reviewed and verified by teaching staff, heads of faculties and the senior leadership team.

Although we have worked very hard to ensure you are issued with the correct grades, there will be an appeals system in place if you think there has been a genuine error in assessing or submitting your grade.

There are two stages to the appeals process:

Stage 1 – centre review

For a Stage 1 appeal you can ask us to review if:

  • You think we have made an administrative error, i.e. an incorrect grade has been submitted
  • You think we did not apply a procedure correctly i.e. we did not follow our centre policy, did not undertake an internal quality assurance, did not take into account access arrangements or mitigating circumstances, such as illness or bereavement

Stage 2 – appeal to the exam board

If you still don’t think you have the correct grade after the centre review is complete, you can ask us to take your appeal to the exam board, they will review if:

  • We have made an unreasonable academic judgement in determining your grade
  • We did not apply a procedure correctly i.e. we did not follow our centre policy, did not undertake an internal quality assurance, did not take into account access arrangements or mitigating circumstances, such as illness or bereavement
  • They, the exam board, made an administrative error i.e. they changed your grade during the processing of issuing results

At both stages of the process you will need to submit your appeal to us by completing an application form that is available on this page of the school website, it gives your consent for us to conduct the appeal or to submit it to the exam board on your behalf.  It is important to remember that your grade can go down, up or stay the same through either stage of the process.

If you have a place at university that is dependent on your appeal, you should tell your university so they can decide how to handle your offer and you should speak with Mrs Bothwell, Exams Officer so she can prioritise your appeal. You can contact Mrs Bothwell by email lbothwell@birchwoodhigh.org.uk

The timelines for priority and non-priority appeals are as follows:

10 August to 7 September: priority appeals window (for university applicants only)

  • 10 August to 16 August: student requests centre review
  • 10 August to 20 August: Birchwood conducts a centre review
  • 11 August to 23 August: Birchwood submits appeal to the exam board

10 August to end October: majority of non-priority appeals take place

  • 10 August to 3 September: student requests centre review
  • 10 August to 10 September: Birchwood conducts a centre review
  • 11 August to 17 September: Birchwood submits appeal to the exam board

The school deadline for requesting an appeal is Friday 3 September 2021

The exam board’s deadline for accepting an appeal request is Friday 17 September 2021

GCE/GCSE Examinations – autumn 2021

You will have the opportunity to take any GCSE or A Level exams that you have received a summer 2021 Centre Assessed Grade for. These will be available during the Autumn Term if you wish to take them.

Entry forms will be available on this section of the website after results day.

Entry deadlines for taking the exams in autumn are:

GCE – 6 September 2021

GCSE – 30 September 2021

Latest Exam News

A-Level Results 2019

Birchwood High School saw over 100 Sixth Form students achieve a strong set of A-Level and Level 3 BTEC qualifications, reflecting the findings from the school’s recent Ofsted Inspection (June 2019) where inspectors found that ‘students currently in Years 12 and 13 are making strong progress in a wide range of A-Level courses.’

Principal, Dr Chris Ingate, said “after 13 years of full-time education, it is fantastic to see all our 18 year-old students move on to the next stage in their lives including prestigious Universities such as Cambridge, Durham and Warwick.  These results further build on the strong comments made by Ofsted in terms of us getting the balance right between academic progress, personal development and enrichment opportunities.’

There were many more students whose grades exceeded expectations. Head of Sixth Form, Mr Ian Torrance added "this cohort of students is a true reflection of Birchwood with regards to their dynamics and makeup. Some really pleasing results for what has been an incredible journey for so many, all the hard work has paid off and we wish them every success in their next steps. They, and their families, should feel very proud”