English and Media Faculty

The English Faculty is about gaining power: the power of creativity, the power of empathy and the power of knowledge.  Through our curriculum, Birchwood students explore how they feel about and relate to the world, and to their place in it.

The study of media and film will enable students to critically analyse a culturally diverse range of texts and apply theoretical perspectives to better understand and challenge representations and ideologies constructed in the media. Through our curriculum, Birchwood students will develop practical skills and knowledge that will open doors to many different career paths in industries such as film, television, advertising, journalism, radio, gaming and new media.



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ZBR Miss Z Boittier Head of Faculty
JLE Miss J Livermore Second in Faculty and KS4 Co-ordinator
ABS Mrs A Burgess English
DLA Miss D Lava KS3 Transition Co-ordinator
GLG Miss G Long English
GSH Mr G Smith English
JBD Mr J Budd Head of Media and Film
JDF Mrs J de Graaf English
JJN Mrs J Jacobson English / Psychology
JMC Ms J McGhee English
MCN Miss M Cuddington English
MRY Mr M Reilly Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator
SCR Mr S Connor English
SIE Mrs S Ingate English

Curriculum Maps

Sixth Form

English Language
A-level; AQA

English Literature
A-level; AQA

Film Studies
A-level; EDUQAS

Media Studies
Level 3; EDUQAS

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities will be available shortly.

Clubs and Activities



After school


Subject Support


Years 10 and 11

English revision (ABS/ZBR/JLE)

D1 on Wednesday, 13.30-14.00

D6 on Thursdays, 13:30-14:00

After school

Years 10 and 11

English revision (ZBR/JLE)

D6 on Mondays, 15:30-16:30

Year 11 Set 4 English revision (CCG)

C16 on Wednesdays, 15.30-16.30


Read, Review, Reward Competition

The English Faculty are launching a reading competition!

Read as many books from the reading lists as you can.

Win 10 points for every book that you read!

To enter, submit your review to Miss Lava in D7


email it to dmiguellava@birchwoodhigh.org.uk

At the end of every half term the students who have completed the most reading will be rewarded 100 house points!


Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls

The Year 11’s were treated to a production of An Inspector Calls to help with their revision.

The Globe Players production company performed the play, stopping every so often to explain parts and give ideas to the Year 11’s, in the hope it would be a useful revision tool for the upcoming English Literature mock in February.

The English department thought by seeing the play acted out would help the Year 11’s with the “Response” part of their essay.

It was a useful experience, and both the Year 11’s and English department would like to thank the Globe Players for coming along and giving the students a chance to see the play in full.

The Year 11’s would also like to thank the English department for organising the event.

Niamh Payne and Emily Robson, BBC Reporters


Globe Theatre

Year 11 Globe Trip

Year 11 visited the Globe Theatre in London to enhance their knowledge of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, which they are studying in class.
The day started off with a tour of the Globe, giving them key contextual knowledge to aid the students with forming top-level English responses. The students were then led off to various workshops. The aim was to enhance their knowledge of particular scenes, help them to form their own interpretations based on the themes and techniques used within the scene and also with the understanding of relationships between characters through role play and acting, such as Lord Capulet and Juliet.