Humanities Faculty

A Birchwood Geographer understands the interconnectedness of humans and the environment. They are equipped with the skills to tackle the world’s future problems.

“Those who fail to learn from History are condemned to repeat it”.  Birchwood Historians understand the past so they can better create their own futures

Birchwood Religious Studies students understand religious and non-religious world views and how they impact on the lives of believers and non-believers. They are equipped to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions often portrayed in the media and they are able to evaluate arguments in order to reach a justified conclusion.



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HWG Miss H Waring Head of Faculty
AFN Mrs A Franklin Geography
EJS Mr E Jankovskis History
IDR Miss I Diver Geography
JGH Mrs J Goldsmith Geography
LCY Miss L Crossley Geography
MSR Mr M Sabur History
SFY Mrs S Feather Levey Politics / History
TMD Mrs T Mumford History
WMO Mr W Morton Head of History

Curriculum Maps

High School

A-level; OCR

A-level; OCR

Philosophy & Ethics (RS)
A-level; EDUQAS

Extra-Curricular Activities

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After school


Subject Support


All Years

History drop-in (WMO)

All Historians welcome to do revision or catch up work or general help with home-learning

In B21 on Mondays, 13.30-13.55

Years 7-11

Geography drop-in (AFN)

All welcome to do revision or catch up work or general help with home-learning.

In B10 on Thursdays, 13.30-13.55pm

After school

All Years

Humanities Film Club (HWG)

In B22 on Mondays, 15.30-16.30

Year 11

History Revision (MSR)

In B7 on Tuesdays, 15.30-16.30 (subject to meetings)

History Revision (SFY)

In B15 on Tuesdays, 15.30-16.30 (subject to meetings)


VE Celebrations

Students and Staff celebrated the 75th Anniversary of VE day at home. Students made bunting, cakes and ginger beer. Matthew in Year 8 learnt to play the "Last Post" which he performed at his home at 3.00pm for all his neighbours.


As usual Birchwood remembered the fallen this November. On Remembrance Sunday many students were involved in the town’s commemorations as part of the uniformed youth services and on Monday 11
November, we held our two minute silence across the school. The Last Post was sounded by Lukas Ruediger (Year 12) and the silence was observed throughout the site. For Year 7’s, break started later to ensure that the silence was respected by all.

Rome and Naples

Year 8's annual humanities trip to Rome and Naples left students in awe of the fresco's, paintings, and architecture. They visited the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum to name but a few places. Consumed lots of ice cream and pizza!