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Birchwood Linguists are enthusiastic communicators who are culturally aware and understand the importance of being a good global citizen.

Modern Foreign Languages


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KRK Miss K Roderick Head of Faculty
(Spanish / French)
EVN Mrs E Van Baalen French / Spanish
GBN Mr G Bowman Second in Faculty
(German / French)
JDY Miss J Defay French
KMS Mrs K Mangin-Griffiths French
ROS Mrs R Ogus French / Spanish

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Subject Support


Lunchtimes sessions for French (KMS/JDY/GBN), Spanish (KRK) and German (GBN) by arrangement with each teacher

After school

After-school sessions for:
Monday, KS4 French, Mrs Madsen B14
Tuesday, KS4 French, Mrs Mangin-Griffiths B18, Miss Defay B17
Wednesday, KS4 French, Miss Defay B17
KS4 German, Mr Bowman by arrangement with students
KS4 Spanish, Miss Roderick by arrangement with students


Willkommen an die Deutschen!

On 14 September, our German exchange partners arrived for the second part of the exchange. The partners spent the weekend with host families and went to places like London, Ely, Cambridge and more, seeing local tourist spots and learning about British culture and lifestyle.

Day activities included a day in school, a day trip to Cambridge and a town trail around Bishop's Stortford and Saffron Walden. They also went to London, seeing landmarks such as St. Paul’s and the London Eye.

They learnt so much about our culture while they were over here and we got to compare German and British
customs, looking at the differences in our attitudes and habits. It was fun to learn about the difference in language, especially when one of us played Dobble, a picture-based card game with our partner.

At the airport at the end of the week, hugs and farewells were exchanged and many tears were shed, but everyone had a fantastic time and we hope that lifelong friendships were made!

The students would love to thank Mr Bowman, Miss Roderick and Mrs Dixon for organising the exchange, as well as to those who participated from the Peter-Joerres Gymnasium and would fully recommend it to the next set of GCSE German students!

You can see more images of the trip on the Birchwood MFL Twitter page, @MFLbwood.

Mr Bowman

Modern Foreign Languages