Technology Faculty

Birchwood Construction students build a foundation knowledge platform of construction materials and processes.  We also seek to develop their practical and design skills in the built environment disciplines.

Birchwood ICT and Computing students develop IT literacy allowing them to link logical thinking with creativity to solve problems in our ever changing technological world

The Birchwood Food Technology student is equipped with knowledge, understanding and skills required to cook dishes in order to feed themselves and others affordably and nutritiously both now and later in life

“If you understand business concepts, you have the potential to own your own dreams and aspirations and to be the boss of you”.

Birchwood designers are analytical, skilful and innovative.  Our students have a breadth of knowledge to prepare them for a modern world and its challenges


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JSS Mr J Stephens Head of Faculty
(Graphic Products)
ACO Mrs A Collyer Business
ARD Mrs A Reynolds Technology
BMN Miss B McEwen Food Technology
CMO Miss C Munro Technology
EDH Mrs E Dervish Business
MAS Ms M Adams Technology
NDE Miss N Dale Business
RNN Mr R Newman Technology
SCD Mr S Creed Head of IT
(ICT / Technology)

Curriculum Maps

Key Stage 3

Extra-Curricular Activities

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After school


Subject Support


Year 10

D & T Workshop Club (GWR)

In C7 on Thursdays, 13.30-14.00

Years 9 to 11

IT Revision (SMR)

In C26 on Fridays, 13:30-14:00

After school

Years 10 and 11

Business revision with (EDH)

In B12 on Wednesdays, 15.30-16.30

Year 9 to 11

IT revision (SMR)

In C26 on Wednesdays, 15.30-16.30

Year 11

Coursework support sessions for Design and Technology (GWR)

In C9 on Thursdays, 15.25-16.25



Rotary Technology Young Engineer Challenge

Well done to Foundation Team who won their category at the Rotary Technology Young Engineer Challenge held at Birchwood yesterday.

Many local schools took part. It was fascinating to see how students invented instruments to meet the requirements of the challenge they were set.

Cook-Off in Construction

In the last week of the summer term, Year 9 Construction students celebrated the completion of a bricklaying module, by enjoying a cooked breakfast on the brick BBQs they had built as their final project.

They had started this module, by doing a fantastic job of cleaning and tidying the entire Brick Yard, filling a skip the size of a minibus! Then they worked in pairs for two months to acquire the essential brick laying skills. The final outcomes, as shown in this picture, were structures to be very proud of.

Mr Newman