Last half term some Year 7 and Year 9 students completed a home learning project where they had to make a model of a cell. The students used research, imagination and an impressive set of skills from baking cakes, modelling with playdough and variety of the materials to 3D-printing in order to design and execute their models.
Year 7 students, who have just been exposed to the wonders of Cell Biology, focused on making the models of animal, plant and red blood cells, translating challenging key terms into a variety of colourful organelles, labelling them and explaining their functions. This work has truly been impressive and of a very high quality. Year 9 students took a step forward and presented eukaryotic cells, that all multicellular organisms are made of, and prokaryotic cells, found in bacteria. One group of very keen Biologists from Year 9 designed the models of eight highly specialised cells, including neuron and muscle cell, and made 3-D prints of these, accompanying each model with detailed annotations and labels.