Governing Body

Chair of Governors: Mr M. Stocker

Constitution of the Governing Body

Governor Category Term of Office Expiry Date
Lee Bothwell Staff Governor (Support) 20.06.2022
Nicole Brown Parent Governor 23.10.2022
Jane Cantor Minute Taker 31.08.2020
Nicola Coop Finance Director 18.07.2022
Ruth Crowland Parent Governor 27.02.2021
Catherine Gater Community Governor 13.07.2020
Fred Gray Community 14.11.2020
Sally Gubb Parent Governor 31.03.2022
Alan Hazell Community Governor 24.01.2020
Chris Ingate Staff Governor (Principal) Ex-officio
Ross Noblett Staff Governor (teacher) 30.03.2019
Michael Phillips Staff Governor (Teacher) 20.06.2022
Neville Prior Co-opted Governor 31.12.2018
Hilary Scotcher Parent Governor 18.07.2022
Andrew Sherriff Community Governor 31.03.2022
Mark Stocker Community Governor 19.01.2018
Annie Swanepoel Parent Governor 30.11.2020
Gillian Turner Parent Governor 11.12.2022
Lisa Watkins Parent Governor 18.07.2022
Emma White Parent Governor 31.03.2018
James Winter Community Governor 06.07.2020


Estates and Finance

  • Andrew Sherriff (Chair)
  • Ruth Crowland
  • Alan Hazell
  • Chris Ingate
  • Mark Stocker
  • Gillian Turner


  • Annie Swanepoel (Chair)
  • Fred Gray
  • Emma White
  • James Winter


  • Sally Gubb (Chair)
  • Ruth Crowland
  • Ross Noblett
  • Annie Swanepoel
  • Emma White


  • Andrew Sherriff (Chair)
  • Sally Gubb
  • Mark Stocker
  • Emma White


  • Mark Stocker (Chair)
  • Sally Gubb
  • Alan Hazell
  • Chris Ingate (Principal)
  • Andrew Sherriff (Vice Chair)
  • Annie Swanepoel (Vice Chair)


There are regular elections for members of the Governing Body of Birchwood High School. If you are interested in putting yourself up for election please contact Miss Muxlow.


Under Regulation 13 of the School Governance (Procedures) ( England ) Regulations 2003 , governing bodies must make their main meeting minutes available for inspection by any interested person.  It has been decided that in the spirit of this requirement and of open communication, we will publish these minutes on our website.  This will be done after their formal approval at a subsequent full meeting. They are a facsimile of the paper versions held on file by the school.