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Behaviour & Classroom Expectations

At Birchwood High School, we believe that when all members of our school community work together to create an outstanding learning environment, student success will flourish. Every individual who has experienced success pays tribute to those who helped shape and support them along their journey. 

The Three Rs of Birchwood: Rights, Rules, Rewards 

Creating a learning environment where all can grow… 

Staff committees and student leadership teams looked at what they felt created the ideal learning environment. This led us to Birchwood’s Three Rs, where students invest in the process of every learning experience and are rewarded for doing so. Every student who lives by our Three Rs contributes to the wellbeing of the school and gives themselves every opportunity to not just be successful academically, but also a decent and kind member of society moving into adulthood. 


What should students expect to experience in their lessons?

  • Consistent Routine 

  • To Feel Safe 

  • High quality teaching

  • To be respected and fairly treated 

  • To learn in a disruption-free environment 


What do we expect of students in lessons?

  • Be Prepared 

  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself 

  • Allow teachers to teach and students to learn 

  • Be engaged and show effort 

  • Follow instructions without question 


What should students expect to be rewarded for in their lessons?

  • Kindness 

  • Contribution 

  • Effort 

  • Mastery 

  • Progress 

At Birchwood High School, we do everything we can to promote the positive. However, there are occasions when we need to sanction students for behaviour that goes against Birchwood’s Three Rs student expectations. Poor behaviour choices impact negatively not only on other students and adults who work here but also on the student who has made the wrong choice in the first place. 

Where students fail to meet the expectations outlined by the Three Rs, we follow the following process: 

  • 1st Warning: Verbal warning from the teacher. 

  • 2nd Warning: Teacher Conversation before re-entering the lesson. 

  • On-Call: On-Call teacher called to either reintegrate the student or remove if necessary. 

There are also situations that occur outside of the classroom that will result in student sanctions. For our full Behaviour Policy please visit our Policies Page. 

We now use Arbor to keep you informed about behaviour and achievements. Parents & carers can review student’s behaviour and achievements by registering for free with the Arbor app or Website. Full information and some useful FAQs can be found in the Arbor Help Centre