Parent Council

The Parent Council was established in 2017 in order for the school to work with and engage with representatives of the parent body.  Each Year Group has 4 parent representatives so that there are 24 parents in total.  Meetings are run on a termly basis and are also attended by Dr. Ingate and other members of staff depending on the Agenda.  Governor engagement is important so that there is always at least one Governor in attendance who can then cascade to the Full Governing Body.

Topics discussed in the 2017-18 Academic Year included:

  • Post-Ofsted Updates including recent HMI visit
  • Home Learning feedback
  • Marketing – strategies for the local community
  • Trips and visits

The minutes of each meetings are shared with staff and are published on the School Website.

“Parent Council provides an excellent forum for discussing topics that matter in an open and transparent way.  They have more time than Governors to explore topics such as home-learning and community feedback because they are not bound by statutory compliance or policy management. The outcomes from these meetings make a big difference to the way we go about our day-to-day practice at Birchwood”

Dr Ingate, Principal

Parent Council Meetings and Latest News