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Birchwood High School
Parsonage Lane
Bishop’s Stortford
Hertfordshire CM23 5BD

Tel: 01279 655936
Fax: 01279 757459


Principal Dr C. Ingate

Chair of Governors: Mr M. Stocker

Mr C Gilbank Deputy Principal Data and Assessment E-Mail
Mr S Stopps Deputy Principal Teaching and Behaviour for Learning E-Mail
Mrs M Mulley Assistant Principal Admissions and Student Welfare E-Mail
Mrs J Jacobson Assistant Principal Literacy and Home Learning E-Mail
Mr S Connor Assistant Principal Curriculum E-Mail
Mrs N Coop Finance Director E-Mail
Mrs F Adeniji Human Resources Manager

SEN Lead Teacher: Mrs A Garner

Assistant SENCo: Mrs S Mendel

PLC Administrator: Mrs S Waller

English ZBR Miss Z Boittier Acting Head of Faculty E-mail ZBR
EPA DMN Miss D Morrison Head of Art E-mail DMN
EPA CHI Mrs C Hassani Head of Drama E-mail CHI
EPA MGN Mr M Grogan Head of Music E-mail MGN
Humanities WMO Mr W Morton Head of History E-mail WMO
Humanities HWG Miss H Waring Head of RS E-mail HWG
Mathematics KAN Dr K Allen Head of Faculty E-mail KAN
Mathematics ACA Mr A Crolla Lead Practitioner – Maths E-mail ACA
Modern Foreign Languages KRK Miss K Roderick Spanish and French/Head of Faculty E-mail KRK
Modern Foreign Languages GBN Mr G Bowman German/Second in Faculty E-mail GBN
Physical Education DJS Mr D Jones Head of Faculty E-mail DJS
Physical Education CPT Miss C Peet PE/School Games Organiser/House (Sports) E-mail CPT
Science GLN Mr G Langan Head of Faculty E-mail GLN
Science JRN Mrs J Ryan Deputy Head of Faculty E-mail JRN
Social Sciences SLE Mr S Levey Head of Faculty E-mail SLE
Technology JSS Mr J Stephens Head of Faculty E-mail JSS
Technology GWR Mr G Walker Second in Technology E-mail GWR

Head of Year

Mr Stock (Music) – E-mail WSK


Mrs Reynolds (Technology) – E-mail ARD

Mr Watson (Technology) – E-mail AWN

Mr Summers (Maths) – E-mail DSS

Miss Defay (MFL) – E-mail JDY

Miss Trout (Science) – E-mail LTT

Miss Cuddington (English) – E-mail MCN

Mrs Smith – E-mail VSH

Miss White (Maths) – E-mail SWE

Head of Year

Mr Heydinger (Humanities) – E-mail CHR


Miss LaLonge (Science) – E-mail CLE

Miss Parkyn (Maths) – E-mail HPN

Ms Coupland (English) – E-mail KCD

Miss Robinson (Humanities) – E-mail LRN

Ms Adams (Technology) – E-mail MAS

Mrs Franklin (Humanities) – E-mail AFN

Mrs Madsen (MFL) – E-mail TMN

Mrs Cannas (EPA) – E-mail VCS

Head of Year

Mr Prime (PE) – E-mail GPE


Mrs Craig (English) – E-mail CCG

Mr Dennis (Humanities) – E-mail DDS

Miss Morrison (EPA) – E-mail DMN

Miss Diver (Humanities) – E-mail IDR

Mrs Cox (Maths) – E-mail MCX

Mr Grogan (EPA) – E-mail MGN

Mr Edwards (Science) – E-mail RES

Miss Boittier (English) – E-mail ZBR

Head of Year

Mr Herbert (PE) – E-mail RHT


Mrs Pressland (Science) – E-mail CPD

Mr Walker (Technology) – E-mail GWR

Mrs Feather Levey (Humanities) – E-mail SFY

Miss McKeown (Technology) – E-mail BMN

Miss Payne (EPA) – E-mail KPE

Mr Reilly (English) – E-mail MRY

Mr Ainge (Maths) – E-mail RAE

Miss Adams (EPA) – E-mail SAS

Head of Year

Mr Phillips (Humanities) – E-mail MPS


Mr Cusumano (Science) – E-mail CCO

Mrs Sieczko (PE) – E-mail CSO

Mr Bowman (MFL) – E-mail GBN

Miss Nicholson (Maths) – E-mail GNN

Mr Budd (English) – E-mail JBD

Miss Livermore (English) – E-mail JLE

Mr Newman (Technology) – E-mail RNN

Head of Year

Mr I Torrance (PE) – E-mail ITE

Support Staff

Mrs Crimes (Careers) – E-mail JCS

Mrs Petchey (Sixth Form Administrator) – E-mail LPY


Mr Barratt (PE) – E-mail ABT

Mrs Dervish (Technology) – E-mail EDH

Mrs Mangin-Griffiths (MFL) – E-mail KMS

Mrs Jackson (EPA) – E-mail LJN

Miss Perrett (PE) – E-mail LPT

Mr Sabur (Humanities) – E-mail MSR

Mr Noblett (PE) – E-mail RNT

Mr Levey (Social Sciences) – E-mail SLE

Mrs Hassani (EPA) – E-mail CHI

Miss Bull (Maths) – E-mail ZBL

Our Complaints Policy and Procedure (Parent’s Guide) December 2018 includes information on the arrangements for handling complaints from parents of children with special educational needs about the support Birchwood provides.

Form Tutors are able to reset student passwords for Online Reporting/Home Learning. The IT Support Team can provide new passwords for the school network and student e-mail accounts.

If you need a parental account for the Online Reporting/Student Area resetting, please ensure that you include your son/daughter’s name and tutor group in the body of the message and send the e-mail to Mr Warner or Miss Petchey.

Please direct all requests for printed copies of the documents available on this website to our administration team.