The Birchwood ABC:Achieve, Belong, Conquer!

The progress that every individual makes in life…

…whether in education or any other social or work-related sphere, depends on the collective endeavour.  The greatest sportsmen, scientists, academics, business leaders and so on always pay tribute to the many people who have helped, shaped and supported their work along the way.

What is it that makes Birchwood High School such a special place to learn and grow?

The Birchwood ABC

Staff committees and student leadership looked at this question and came up with the ABC of being a Birchwood student.  The finer details are below and much work is being done this year to make ‘the ABC of being a Birchwood student’ part of our common language.  Every student who lives by the ABC code does their bit for the wellbeing of the school and gives themselves a firm grounding to be not just successful academically but also, more importantly, a decent and kind member of their local, national and global community once they are adults.

The ABC of being a Birchwood student


  • I have excellent attendance, punctuality, equipment & uniform
  • I work to the best of my ability
  • I play a full part in the life of the school


  • I look after my school community
  • I follow instructions promptly
  • I treat others as I would like to be treated myself


  • I am determined to make a success of my time at Birchwood
  • I understand that learning from failures leads to success
  • I make the right choices, even when this isn’t easy
The Birchwood ABC - Conquer

At Birchwood we reward students in a number of ways

As well as house prizes and end-of-term certificates we use SIMS Achievement points for day-to-day recognition of students who do the right thing in or out of lessons.  Students accumulate these Achievement points and they can be used to gain special lunchtime privileges in half termly ‘Reward Weeks’.  Parents/carers can receive instant notifications every time their child receives an Achievement point by downloading the School Gateway app or visiting their website.

We ask all at Birchwood to familiarise themselves with our Behaviour Policy and Anti-Bullying Policy