Choices and Consequences

At Birchwood High School, we do everything we can to promote the positive.

However there are occasions when we need to sanction students for behaviour that goes against the ABC of being a Birchwood student.  Poor behaviour choices impact negatively  not only on other students  and adults who work here but also on the student who has made the wrong choice in the first place.

Choices and Consequences

At Birchwood we operate a Choices & Consequences chart that makes it clear to every student and every adult what the consequence is for any given breach of the school’s expectations.  Failure to engage with the sanction for any given incident will almost always result in an escalation up the C&C chart to a more serious sanction.  Further details can be found on the link to the school’s Behaviour Policy.

We now use School Gateway to keep you informed about behaviour and achievements

Parents & carers can keep tabs on a student’s behaviour and achievement incidents by registering for free with the School Gateway app or by visiting their website.