Sixth Form Dress Code

Uniform should be exemplary at all times and there is no excuse for not wearing the correct school uniform, including to and from school.

*In general, if you are not sure whether something fits the following dress code, assume that it does not.

We expect our students to dress in an appropriately professional manner, i.e. what you would wear in a formal office environment. All students must wear the following at all times:

Formal suit: Jacket with trousers or skirt, all of which should look like they come from a suit, though not necessarily the same suit.

Plain (or subtly pattered*) shirt or blouse: These should have a collar and sleeves, and be of an opaque material. Gentlemen’s top buttons must be fastened and their shirts tucked in.

Black or dark brown formal, low-heeled, polishable shoes: Dark socks should be work with trousers; tights with a skirt.

Tie for gentlemen.

Seasonal variations

In winter, a plain black, grey or similar V-necked knitted jumper may be worn, in which case the jacket must also be worn.

In summer, the following concessions are made:

  • Short sleeves on shirts and blouses are permitted.
  • Ladies need not wear tights with a skirt.
  • Jackets may be removed on days when the Principal has permitted Summer Uniform.

The following are never appropriate:

  • Obvious patterns or designs in suit/top fabrics, including an excess of visible zips.
  • Stretchy fabrics (lycra etc.), for instance in ‘tube’ skirts. Skirts should be ‘pencil’ or ‘A-line’.
  • Ill-fitting buttoned shirts which ‘gape’.
  • Short, low-cut or tight-fitting clothing.
  • Skirts which sit more than 5cm above the knee, or which ‘ride up’ excessively during normal wear/walking*. It is important that skirts are not bought too small.
  • Chinos, other casual trousers, or tight-fitting trousers*. Trousers without a crease down the front will generally be too casual.
  • Sheer/see-through fabrics (e.g. lace and chiffon).
  • High-heeled shoes, stilettos, wedges, boots and sandals.

Hair, jewellery and make-up

Our expectations for hair, jewellery and make-up are as follows:

  • Hair must be neat and respectable with no extremes of style.
  • Hair may be dyed in one natural colour per term. Any hair accessories must match and be minimal.
  • Jewellery should be appropriate (sleepers and studs only). Clear plastic ‘plugs’ may be used to keep piercings open.
  • ‘Natural look’ day make-up and well-maintained nail varnish of a single colour is permitted for ladies.

Please note that students who do not adhere to the above expectations will be sanctioned.