Making the best career choices involves six learning areas:

Grow throughout life, Explore possibilities, Manage your career, Create opportunities, Balance life and work and See the big picture

These learning areas come from the CDI Career Development Framework (April 2021). Birchwood’s Career programme has been developed with this framework in mind. A link to the Framework can be found here:- CDI Framework

Birchwood’s Career programme is delivered through a combination of timetabled Careers lessons which form part of the wider PSHCE provision, subject teaching, tutor time, assemblies, and drop-down days. The programme will raise aspirations, challenge stereotyping, and promote equality and diversity. Please see an outline of the programme below. Each activity has been mapped to the relevant learning outcomes from The CDI Framework.

The Careers Programme draws on a bank of careers lessons from Unifrog, an online Platform to support students to make career decisions (Unifrog).

The whole school uses the Hertfordshire Skills Framework and Skills Builder Universal Framework to highlight the skills students use in their subjects and activities and how these relate to the world or work. The Hertfordshire Skills Framework sets out the key employability skills and attributes sought by Hertfordshire employers from young people. The Framework was compiled by Hertfordshire LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership), SfYP (Services for Young People) Hertfordshire and the University of Hertfordshire and developed with the aim of improving the work readiness of young people and the careers guidance provided by schools.  The Skills Builder Universal Framework provides the national standard for teaching essential skills. It breaks each skill into steps, supporting progress for students of all ages and abilities – including those with special educational needs. As students develop these key skills, they can record their progress using the Competency Tool on Unifrog.