High School Careers

The information below is designed for students, teachers, parents and employers.

Birchwood High School is committed to meeting the national Quality in Careers Standard and is currently working towards accreditation for the delivery of a high quality, impartial careers programme to all our students.

At Birchwood High School we are committed to preparing our students to manage their future education and career path by offering a planned programme of Career and Work Related Education (CWRE) and timely Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) from Year 7 to Year 13. Our planned CWRE programme is reviewed annually.

Our programmes have been built around the Unifrog online platform.

Birchwood High School is signed up to The Careers and Enterprise Company – The Enterprise Adviser Network – programme. This is a free provision managed locally by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership to support us to achieve all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks by August 2020 – a target set by Department for Education in their Careers Strategy (Dec 2017). We have been matched with Clarion Futures to help us to work towards the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. Meetings take place on a regular basis to discuss progress.

For more information or any queries about the CWRE or IAG provision at Birchwood please contact our Careers Leader Mrs Crimes:
01279 756482

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Birchwood High School's Careers Programme

How do I make an appointment to speak to an impartial careers advisor?

A careers advisor from YC Herts attends the school every Tuesday and holds a careers drop in session in the Library after school. Formal appointments for guidance interviews can be made via Mrs Crimes.