School Council

At Birchwood, we are very proud of our School Council.

Each Tutor group elects a boy and a girl to represent them at Year Council.  Year Council meet every half term to discuss issues and ideas that important to them.  Each Year Council then elects one boy and one girl to represent their Year Group at School Council. Overall, there are 95 democratically elected Council Members.

Get Involved - School Council

School Council is therefore a constituent of 12 members (2 per year group including the Sixth Form). It is chaired by an elected chairperson from the student body for one year.  This is most typically a Year 11 student.  School Council also elects two Vice Chairs, an Environmental Champion and a SNAG (Healthy Food) representative.   The Principal attends School Council and Heads of Year oversee Year Councils.

Topics discussed in the 2017-18 Academic Year included:

  • Trips and visits
  • Home-Learning
  • Supply teachers
  • After School Clubs
  • Hard Court Areas
  • Toilets and water fountains
  • Safety and Online Safety
  • Recycling and litter management

School Council and Year Council members are also some of our key ambassadors and were involved in Open Evenings, Events and appointing key members of staff.

Dr Ingate, Principal, believes that “School Council and student leadership are  vital components in our school organization. They make a difference and see things from an important perspective. There were a number of significant changes we made as a result of the work undertaken by our elected student leaders. It is a privilege to work with them.”

School Council Meetings and Latest News