House System

The House System has become an integral part of the student experience at Birchwood and continues to grow year on year.

The System is built upon the key principles of ‘Encouraging all, Supporting all and Welcoming all’ and strives to provide all students with a diverse range of opportunities and experiences that encourage engagement and community cohesion.

Birchwood House Shields


Each House: Hadham (Red), Waytemore (Yellow), Dane (Green) and Stort (Blue), is led by a team of Sixth-Formers; the House Captains. The Captains work collaboratively with Mrs Collyer (Head of the House System) to arrange a wide variety of inclusive House Events, Competitions, Charity events and Assemblies.

Each Tutor group has been allocated one of the House colours (2 per House per Year group) so that the students and Tutors can support and encourage one another.

Houses and Captains

Please see Mrs Collyer or Mrs Peet if you would like to get involved in our house system!

Head House Captains

Charlie Boom
Jaden Connor

Social Media Role

Yasmin Khan

Treasurer Role

Dennis Earle
Zoe Ranger

Secretary Role

Lois Wright

Communications Role

Molly Dorman


Jaden Connor
Charlie Boom
Connor Woods
Ashley Flello
Niamh Payne


Ricardo Pacheco
Emily Watkins
Eudon Lee
Ellyn Seath
Ellie Waskett
Sophie Cousins


Molly Green
Lauren Jones
Jorja O’Grady


Ellie Woollard
Toby Schulz
Hope Wright



Essex & Herts Air Ambulance is a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS); providing a free life-saving service.


The Fire Fighters Charity assists thousands of serving and retired fire service personnel and their families in times of need.


The Sparkle Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up to create sustainable brighter futures for orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi.

House Points

The House Points System aims to recognise all contributions towards school life made by the students. This is in the spirit of creating a culture in which individual achievements are celebrated as a collective and students can experience a sense of belonging. Academic, extra-curricular and pastoral achievements are all recognised via the System. The winner of the Annual House Cup is announced during the last week of term in a whole school House assembly.

There are many ways in which students are able to earn House points…

  • House Events:  Sports Day, Birchwood’s Got Talent, Strictly Birchwood, Band Night…
  • House Competitions: Countdown, The Cube, Design a poster/ticket, Big Fat Quiz of the Year…
  • School Activities: Being part of a School Production, signing up to the Duke of Edinburgh Award, logging on to view Interim reports…
  • Random Acts of Kindness (RAK): Students are nominated by others for these points
  • Attendance: 100% Attendance = 10 Points; Green (above 96%) = 5 Points; Improving from Red to Amber = 10 Points
  • Behaviour Bonus:  For every day students in a house receive no On-Calls, their House receives 1 Point
  • Achievements: Every Achievement point received by a student is converted to a House point

Weekly House Points:










L-R: Stort, Hadham, Dane, Waytemore

Total House Points:

Autumn Term

L-R: Stort, Hadham, Dane, Waytemore









Updated 11/3/2019

How to earn House points

For your reference, house points are awarded according to the following schemes. Staff and students are all able to earn house points.

For all competitions, the points awarded are as follows:

  • First Place: 150 Points
  • Second Place: 100 Points
  • Third Place: 50 Points

Student Points

  • Interim student log in rate – whole tutor group: 50 points
  • Zero on-calls in your house: 1 collective behaviour point per day
  • Taking part in house/school events and competitions: 5 points per individual entry or 30 points per form entry
  • 1 Achievement point: 1 House point
  • Attending an extra-curricular activity: 1 participation point every time you attend a club
  • RAK: 10 points per nomination
  • 100% Attendance: 10 points
  • Leading a club or event: 50 points
  • Parental involvement: 100 points

Staff Points

  • Friday Sport: 10 points per half term
  • Assisting with school productions/concerts: 50 points
  • Running an extra-curricular activity: 100 points per half term
  • RAK: 25 points
  • Taking part in a staff house event: 5 points per entry
  • Organising a staff house event: 100 points
  • CPD activities e.g. attending an extra course, running an INSET session or hosting a Learning Forum group: 50 points
  • TLDW Project: 100 points
  • Organising a school competition: 100 points
  • 100% attendance per term: 100 points

Latest News and Events


Latest News

Winter House photographic competition

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Winter House photographic competition, we had some superb entries. We are very lucky to live in this area and it can make such a difference to our wellbeing to get outside and see what is all around us.
The winners are as follows:
1st place, Brian Hormbrey, Year 12
Hadham House (500 House points)
2nd place, Cameron Neary, Year 7
Dane House (250 House points)
3rd place, Samantha Utley, Year 8
Waytemore house (150 House points)

Hadham wins House Cup for 2019-2020

We celebrated Hadham (Red) winning the House cup with our annual Balloon Pop.

Last year we raised £5,643.03 for the following charities:
International charity – Sparkle Malawi
National – The Firefighters Charity
Local - Essex and Herts Air Ambulance
We have decided to raise funds for the same charities again this year, as our fund raising efforts were cut short due to lockdown.

Essex and Herts Air Ambulance

On the 28 November 2019, the House Captain team embarked on a journey to the air base in North Weald to meet up with our local charity; the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance. This is an amazing charity as they help so many local people with limited support from the Government. Local donations, including the £1,555.33 raised by Birchwood High School last year, is the only way they can fund this operation which saves countless lives.