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At Birchwood we value aspiration and achievement of all sorts, both within and outside the curriculum.

Encouraging the highest ambition and personal commitment, and supporting individual strengths and interests. We seek to instil a love of learning and intellectual curiosity, promoting informed questioning and debate, and self-motivated, self-directed learning.

“Your dreams, your future, our challenge”

High School

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Get Involved!

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities from sport, music and drama to community service programs.

Advice and Support

Our staff are dedicated and resourceful to provide guidance and advice on all areas of school life, subjects and future careers.

Year Teams

Head of Year 7
CMO – Miss Munro

ABS – Mrs Burgess
ARE – Miss Rolfe
CHT – Mr Hannant
JJO – Mr Johnson
JMC – Ms McGhee
MGN – Mr Grogan
MLY – Mr Loney
NDE – Miss Dale
RES – Mr Edwards
RNN – Mr Newman

Head of Year 8
KPE – Miss Payne

CPD – Mrs Pressland
CSO – Mrs Sieczko
CTE – Mrs Tooze
DPN – Mrs Parkyn
JDF – Mrs de Graaf
JHD – Mr Hipwood
MRY – Mr Reilly
RLY – Mr Loveday
SAS – Miss Adams
SHL – Mr Hill

Head of Year 9
CRS – Mr Ruggins

CCO – Mr Cusumano
CPZ – Miss Perez
DLA – Miss Lava
ERA – Dr Rodionova
GLG – Miss Long
JBD – Mr Budd
JGH – Mrs Goldsmith
JGS – Dr Gilkes
KMS – Mrs Mangin-Griffiths
SFY – Mrs Feather Levey

Head of Year 10
WSK – Mr Stock

ARD – Mrs Reynolds
DSS – Mr Summers
EJS – Mr Jankovskis
GBN – Mr Bowman
JDY – Miss Defay
MCN – Miss Cuddington
SCD – Mr Creed
SWE – Miss White

Head of Year 11
RNT – Mr Noblett

AFN – Mrs Franklin
BMN – Miss McEwen
CLE – Miss LaLonge
EVN – Mrs Van Baalen
GSH – Mr Smith
LCY – Miss Crossley
MAS – Ms Adams
RGD – Ms Goddard
VCN – Mrs Chapman

To contact a member of a Year Team, click their staff initials to open a new e-mail

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